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Case Study for Teams

I designed a bespoke team day followed by another a year later for a Regional Manager who had formed a new team of 20 senior managers. The team were operating as a group of individuals rather than working together and were uncomfortable challenging each other through a lack of trust and honesty.  They became a high performing team that were able to work effectively together and deliver excellent commercial results more....

Case Study for Individuals

Sarah requested coaching after realising the negative impact her behaviour could have on those around her. She was extremely sceptical about coaching and believed that how others responded to her was their issue. After six sessions Sarah took full responsibility for her behaviour and understood where it came from. She was actively making different choices and feedback from both her line manager and colleagues was very positive more.

Case study for Leaders

I designed a Leadership Development Programme for Waitrose managers who had been identified as having the potential to develop to senior leadership positions. This consisted of 3 modules totalling 10 days over a six month period. The programme received excellent feedback from both delegates and the business. Key result areas were significantly impacted, for example profit increased by more than 20% in 10 stores more

About me - Julia Hayward

 I am a successful, experienced and qualified Learning and Development professional specialising in leadership and team development, coaching and the management of change. I excel in working with both groups and individuals and pride myself in creating a safe and dynamic learning environment ...more