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I designed a bespoke team day followed by another a year later for a Regional Manager who had formed a new team of 20 senior managers. The team were operating as a group of individuals rather than working together and were uncomfortable challenging each other through a lack of trust and honesty.  They became a high performing team that were able to work effectively together and deliver excellent commercial results.

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Having agreed the outcomes for the day, I decided to use the Myers Briggs Type Indicator with the group to allow them to better understand themselves and each other. I designed the first day to allow them to begin by exploring their own preferences and then I encouraged them to give each other feedback and understand and appreciate their similarities and differences. This allowed them to start to develop some honesty in the room and begin to formulate some effective ways of working together. I then facilitated a challenging, honest discussion that built on this and allowed them to understand what had stopped them from working well together in the past. This led to the team committing to a new way of working together. 
A year later we had a further day together that allowed us to revisit the challenging outcomes they had set themselves at the end of the first day. The team dynamic was markedly different and the levels of honesty and challenge were evident. We celebrated the excellent results they were achieving and recognised the vital role their effective team working played. I developed the work we had started with Myers Briggs and we refined their plan for achieving even more challenging results over the next year.