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I designed a Leadership Development Programme for Waitrose managers who had been identified as having the potential to develop to senior leadership positions. This consisted of 3 modules totalling 10 days over a six month period. The programme received excellent feedback from both delegates and the business. Key result areas were significantly impacted, for example profit increased by more than 20% in 10 stores.

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The success of the programme depended on quickly  building trust within the group to encourage them to be honest with me and each other, disclosing their vulnerabilities and challenging them to truly maximise the opportunity to improve their leadership and hence their business results. I created a safe yet challenging environment through effectively building rapid rapport with all group members and establishing my credibility. I asked great questions, really listened to the answers and combined this with my warmth and natural energy to create a curious and non-judgemental environment that was really conducive to learning and disclosure.
During the three modules we considered challenging topics such as truly understanding self as an authentic leader and how to lead an excellent team to maximise results. I used a variety of theories from Transactional Analysis to help delegates to explore their own drivers and behaviours as well as consider those of their team members.  At the end of each module delegates were challenged to produce an individual action plan to take back to the work place to allow them to embed the learning. At the next module each delegate reported back on their successes and experiences to the group, sharing their learning and challenging each other. In this way I encouraged them to give each other feedback and take responsibility for maximising their learning.
As the modules progressed, I could see the changes in individuals as their confidence and understanding of themselves developed. The honest feedback they received from me and each other, coupled with the depth of the learning, produced real shifts in the leadership approach of many of the delegates. After the programme had finished, delegates reported sustained changes in the way they were leading and holding others accountable and this allowed them to performance manage much more effectively. They were able to positively delegate to team members, build trust and develop authentic and effective relationships at all levels.